Thursday, July 23, 2009

Why I didn't go to Harvard

I didn't watch the Obama Show last night because I assumed it was a re-run. Actually, it's just that I would rather pick corn out of puke and put it back in the can than watch or listen to little Barry.

So I heard Bam went off about race relations, but didn't know the context until today. And after reading all of it, I'm really ticked off and it doesn't even directly affect me.

If you're still in the dark, a Cambridge, MA police officer did his job this week and is a racist for it. Since the "victim" in the ordeal is one of Barry's buddies---and it's not like Barry ever pals around with anybody shady!---the prez felt the need to comment on it from the podium last night.

The morals of the story are: 1)Only look out for yourself. If you try to look out for a neighbor, it's going to cause problems. 2) If you're a police officer who actually does his job, you're a sucker and you're going to get nailed for it. 3) If something ever does happen to you, God forbid, don't expect help from the police. If they have any sense at all, they'll leave citizens hanging out to dry instead of risking a s*^# storm for doing the right thing.

Here's the officer's report via The Smoking Gun. This all sounds plausible, right? Now that you know what the jackass was arrested for, you'll agree with Barry that the police acted stupidly because America's chock full of bigots. But just to clarify, the cops are bigots, but they're not stupid. They just did something stupid.

It seems the officer in question is well respected and knows a thing or two about racial profiling and the dangers therein. But to help the situation, Barry suggests federal law enforcement should work with racist rube cops so they don't screw up.

(Yep. I just linked a whole paragraph. There's a lot there. And call me crazy, but I have trouble believing that any Ivy League professor or department head qualifies as "poor," but whatever.)

To his credit, Sgt. Crowley refuses to apologize. Here's hoping he doesn't cave.

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  1. It has been a slow day at work so I have spent A LOT of time goofing on the internet. I have read a lot of blog posts, but

    >>>rather pick corn out of puke and put it back in the can than watch or listen to little Barry.<<<

    Is the funniest thing I've read all day and probably all week.