Monday, July 6, 2009

Fitting the template

You may remember a few years ago when lacrosse players from Duke were tried, convicted, and executed in the court of public opinion after a stripper charged them with rape.

The lacrosse players were young, white males from affluent families. The stripper was poor and black.

The lacrosse players had their reputations ruined because somebody saw a way to get money out of them and the media came to her "defense" by saddling up on their moral high horses. And they certainly got even.

With a group of guys who didn't do anything.

Now here's another rape story out of Duke that you haven't heard anything about.

The differences here are that the accused is gay and an adoptive father, so you can't run with anything that may hinder gay rights. Also, he kinda propositioned cops, so that goes a little beyond making accusations.

And this is so messed up, sick, and irritating that I don't even have any jokes for it.

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  1. Amazing isn't it. And the silence from the MSM is deafening.