Friday, October 9, 2009

Nobel Prizes and other news

The Nobel Prize. While the proper reaction was, "Holy s*^#!" or "WTF?!", my actual response was laughter. I mean really, what can you do at this point? Here are my thoughts on the big prize:

1. It's too bad Copenhagen isn't in Norway.
2. They gave the prize to Al Gore for committing fraud. We shouldn't even be batting our eyes over this.
3. They gave one to Yassir Arafat. If they'll give a peace prize to the father of "modern" terrorism, they'll give it to anybody.
4. They gave one to Jimmy Carter, so there's already a precedent for awarding dumbassery.
5. People are complaining about the fact that they gave it to Bam without him accomplishing anything yet. The fact that he hasn't accomplished anything of merit in the first nine months means nothing. The final nominations were in February. He'd done even less in twelve days.

To summarize, the Nobel Prize is like the Grammys or Academy Awards: the legitimacy train left the depot a long time ago. If you want to talk about something that's a crock or a joke, it's Obama's, "I'm humbled, I don't deserve it" routine. That's the outrageous part.

In other news...

What? You mean the government take over didn't fix everything?! Get right the stink out! What's that you say? Unemployed people can't afford cars? Shazam!

Hey, you wanna know something else that's funny? You know those people who are really loyal to certain brands? In your case, those are largely the common, everday, working class people in "flyover country." You've completely alienated them because those people don't go for this kind of crap! Good luck on improving sales!

We're trying to get these people in here to hand them free benefits and healthcare, and you're trying to uphold laws?! Knock it off!

Hey, here's a shocker: ACORN was full of crap and embezzled more money than previously claimed. Speaking of embezzlement and fraud, it's gotten more expensive in the past year to cut enough carbon to stop global warming. I mean, if it was me, I'd check the temperature, recognize that IT'S NOT FREAKING RISING, and call the whole thing off, but that's me.

America's starting to remind me of the Griswold's house on Christmas Vacation. Everything was beautiful and well kept for the longest time, then the riff raff and a-holes move in and take over. Pretty soon, the joint's such a dump that folks can't wait to get out of there. And lemme tell you something, there are a few spots on the globe that are looking better all the time.

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