Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Observations/Happy Columbus Day

I hate when nature calls an hour or so before you have to get up in the morning. It's precisely what happened to me this morning. As I'm sitting there---and it hasn't dawned on me at this point that today's Columbus Day---I realize the stupidity of arguments the left puts out about different people. My thought pattern begins with Thomas Jefferson.

Jefferson was an undeniably great leader among the Founding Fathers, and was at least an above average president. Yet people seek to diminish his accomplishments by spouting off crap about Jefferson making it with some of his slaves. As I was pondering these things, I came to the following conclusions:

1) We know the left relies on revisionist history. Therefore, why do we take this as fact? Do we really have medical records---or any other kinds of records---that show Jefferson did this? We don't have a birth certificate for Obama, but we have paternity tests from the 1700's?

2) Columbus Day pisses me off. When I was in kindergarten and 1st and 2nd grade, I learned about the importance of his discovery---yes, other groups were here before he was, but no, they don't count because they didn't belong to a society that placed importance on discovery and recording said discoveries---and what it meant to the "world" and how it laid the foundations for everything that happened here. I didn't learn about the evil, genocodial, maniacal Columbus. This wasn't because they were protecting little kids from hard truth, it's because it was 1986 and we still had a few teachers around then who weren't completely out of their gourds. Moral of the story: I do not believe 90% of the garbage spoken as truth about Columbus, mainly because most of it's the former and little of it's the latter. So if I don't buy the premise about Columbus, why would I accept it on Jefferson?

3) If Jefferson did take part in such activities---and I'm not saying he didn't, I'm simply not taking it for granted that he did---why should that invalidate his other achievements? How does that work: Oh, guess what, the founders were actually flawed men, since they weren't perfect I guess that means they were failures, bet you feel stupid, huh? (If that sentence sucks to read, it's probably a good insight into how the mind of a liberal works). Since when did being imperfect mean that anything you ever accomplished was pointless? I mean, geez, it's the left: being a screw up in your personal life is a resume enhancer to them!

So as I'm seeing links on different sites today with titles like, "Columbus' Dark Side" emerging and some of the trends on Twitter (yes, I use it, let me know if you want to add me and we can swap handles), I'm wondering if it was a prophetic morning or just a coinkydink. But I found this article and it makes me feel that all of this has some greater point. And that scares me, because if all these thoughts are preparing me for something that's coming my way, I know whatever it is is going to suck.

Happy Columbus Day.


  1. >>>---why should that invalidate his other achievements?

    Separating "their guy's" personal from his professional is lesson #1 at Indoctrinate U. See Clinton, William J.; Polanski, Roman et al

    Conflating "our guy's" personal with his professional to make a handy ad hominem is lesson #2. See Limbaugh, Rush H. (fat oxycontin addict); your Jefferson example et al

    Lesson #3 is cry "racist!" at every opportunity.

    There is no lesson #4. Everything a liberal and/or revisionist needs is found in lessons 1 through 3.

  2. Today is "Native American Day" in South Dakota.

    Discovered: New painting of Columbus.