Thursday, October 1, 2009

Current Events and Hank Williams, Jr.

Sometimes, when I'm especially ticked over the state of the country (and the world in general), I get to the point where I have to play a few select Hank Jr. songs. And let me tell you, it's Bocephus day at work today. In case you've never realized it, the man should be considered the poet laureate of conservatism. Here are some suggested offerings based on the situation you may be facing:

When you're tired of liberals sticking their nose in your business and tell you they know what's best for you: The Coalition to Ban Coalitions
"This is a coalition to ban coalitions/I ain't a politician but I've got views/Some folks want to ban cars/some want to get rid of Fender guitars/Why don't you do your thing and we do our thing too/Now they want to take my cigarettes and all my good whiskey/And these damn coalitions they're after you and me"

When you're tired of the rich, uptight, snobby, elitist, coastal snobs looking down on you: The American Way
"If you don't like my Nudie boots I'm sorry about that/Don't make fun of my hat too/Or you might get knocked flat/And you'll learn some more, If you ever pass down our way/About the folks without the dollars, And without white collars/Hell, they are the American way!"

When you realize that sometimes words aren't enough to solve your problems: I'd Love to Knock the Hell Out of You:
"Oh I'd love to knock the hell out of you/And if you keep messin around I'm going to/So if you're looking for trouble/Tell you what you do/Come over and get the shit knocked out of you/Now I have always been a peaceful man/But I get hostile if you screw up my plans/ Do unto others as you like done to you/Believe me brother that is the golden rule"

And then of course there's A Country Boy Can Survive, but that's pretty much a song for all occassions.

One thing that's prompted the playlist is that I recently caught flack from a self-proclaimed conservative who writes for a local newspaper. Long story short, he gave great examples of why newspapers are a dying art and one of the Republican party's many problems: people who, if they do have principles, couldn't articulate them if their life depended on it. And one of the morals I've taken from this story is that conservatives need to figure out who's for us and who's against us. Once you figure that out, you better have the backs of the people that are on your side.

Which is why, to the following people, I say I'm One of You:

This lady was epic, and I'm with her.

California farmers, I'm on your side.

Andy Williams, you rock.

Navajoes, I'm with you!

Joe Wilson, I'm with you!

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