Thursday, October 1, 2009

Links a go go!

I know I'm a little behind with some of these, but I still wanted to comment on them.

Whoopi, are your dreads too tight, or are you just a complete moron? Why in the world would anyone listen to you? How are you even considered employable? Even for The View, which is a show for mouth-breathers by mouth-breathers, you're an idiot. I'm amazed that you're not relegated to cleaning car windshields at a stop light somewhere. You already have the sense of style for it.

Hey Messiah: People actually expect you to make decisions now. That means doing something beyond voting "present." You might want to start by talking to your field generals once in awhile. Don't get me wrong, I know when you get an opportunity to combine your (supposed)love of sports and a chance to further line your pockets you've gotta go for it, but come on now. Just because some people show they actually don't care about the military doesn't mean nobody does.

Speaking of the Olympics trip, I'm really glad for Michelle's continuous accounts of how difficult her life is. You take a trip, turn it into a huge production, and it's all paid for with other people's, your life does suck. But thank you for your tireless efforts for kids. Between your efforts and Whoopi's contributions, I'm sure the days will be brighter for our children.

Enjoy this entry from the "No S*^#, Sherlock!" Files.

At the time of this writing, there's a picture of Michael Moore on the Drudge Report. He's actually gotten fatter. I mean, he's officially past, "Holy s*^#!" I won't link to that because I can't really suggest anyone look at the guy. But if you have a strong stomach and you're the type that enjoys the view when you come upon a car wreck, then go have at it.

Speaking of obesity, no wonder kids are fat. Also, since you statists are doing such a good job of bring up kids and everything, here's a suggestion: why don't you just mind your own damn business?

And that's not all I got, but those are the highlights (lowlights?). God help us all.

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