Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Headline and the Guano Loco Theme Song

You'll remember during the Michael Jackson aftermath that I was really disgusted by a lot of the negative comments made about the deceased. Basically, I was always taught not to speak ill of the recently departed, and I lamented the fact that apparently next to no one else was raised with the same manners. So with that in mind, I'm trying really hard to watch what I say about Ted Kennedy. So I'll just acknowledged he's passed, and move on.

So with that done, let's move on and unveil the Guano Loco theme song. It was inspired by something that profoundly influenced my childhood:

We’ll fight for freedom wherever there’s trouble
Guano Loco is here!
Guano Loco, against liberal zeroes!
Guano Loco is here!
It’s Guano Loco against Libs and Commies
Fighting to save the day
We’ll never give up, we’re always there!
Making fun of Obama and Biden’s hair!
Guano Loco, against liberal zeroes
Guano Loco is here!
Guano Loco is the name of a sarcastic, informative Pro-American blog. Its purpose: to defend human freedom against liberals, a ruthless pack of lying hyenas determined to rule the world.
We’ll never give up, we’ll stay til the fight’s won
Guano Loco is here!
Guano Loco!

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  1. >>>I'm trying really hard to watch what I say about Ted Kennedy.

    Young grasshopper, you have much more discipline than I.