Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rahmbo and other sissies

I'm going to take back one bad thing I've said about California just because of Darrell Issa. It's about time somebody's showing some testicular fortitude. I mean, I know Rahm's apparently pretty tough with a knife and everything, but I can't see a ballerina bringing a big intimidation factor.

Of course, since they undoubtedly monitor the webs, I should probably have someone taste my food for me for awhile after having said that. But seriously, I'm a little tired of the tough guy act coming from Twinkle-toes.

While we're on the subject of sissies, it's simultaneously hilarious and irritating to see people whining about this. You pansies are pretty hilarious when slinging crap about other people, but let a little of it come your way and you need a pacifier and a box of Kleenex.

Apparently it's not just the seniors who need to take the shopping cart down the Depends aisle.

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