Monday, August 31, 2009

Catching up

Remember the good old days when news was slow over a weekend? If there was a major announcement to make it would come during the week so everyone would hear it. Now it seems like most of the news happens over the weekend so no one notices it. I think this is because Democrats are responsible for most of it right now, they know it sucks and nobody's going to like it, so they try to get it through unnoticed. I mostly blame Obama for this, because if I've learned anything the last nine years, it's that the President's responsible for everything we don't like. Also, Obama actually is the master of this maneuver.

So among the things we missed this weekend is word that this site may get shut down before long. I know they say he could utilize it "in an emergency," but let's face it, liberals don't really grasp concepts like "emergency," or "choice," or "necessary." For example, they're always yapping on about how they'll only get us into a war "if absolutely necessary." Yet when somebody flies a plane into a building they don't see the need to take the perpetrators out. I mean, they make take them out for dancing or dinner, but not with a .357 or anything like that. So basically, if Barry gets this power, and I'm sure he will, you can expect all your favorite web sites to go bye-bye. Because Barry doesn't like competition. It kinda makes you wonder what going to his basketball games was like, doesn't it?

One thing I was absolutely shocked to learn was that Ted Kennedy's funeral was Saturday. Seriously, would anybody have expected them to do it on a day when they knew nobody would be watching CNN? People only watch CNN during the know, the times when everybody else is working. So I missed it, which is probably a good thing because I need to watch my blood pressure. I heard they had a prayer, which seems ironic, but other than that I don't know much about what happened and I have questions. Did they use a hearse or the Budweiser clydesdales?

I have a dozen of them, but I'll stop there.

Then, finally, there's this. Just when you thought there was nothing in the paper worth reading.

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