Thursday, August 13, 2009

Excellence in Education

I just saw this story on Drudge, where it has a somewhat misleading headline. The Drudge headline says, "City bans BB guns, bats, clubs to increase school safety." In seeing that, I moved this place up to number 3 on my list of "Crapholes I Would Barely Want to Visit" list. Any town where a kid can't shoot a bb gun or play baseball isn't any place I'd even want to stop to take a leak in.

Let me just cut to the chase: I have a number of theories of why it seems like more kids are more screwed up now today than they ever have been in the past. And it seems that way because it's true. But my theories range from parental involvement (in one extreme or the other) to the fact that cartoons today suck. If kids today aren't shooting bb guns or playing baseball, then there's another problem.

As it turns out, the school in this little hamlet is simply banning bb guns, baseball bats, and things of the like being brought to school without "a legitimate purpose." Once I read that, I had another reaction entirely.

No $*^#, Sherlock! You think it might be a good idea to keep kids from bringing pellet guns and fireworks to school? Good God, I bet their next idea is that reading may be beneficial to students.

You don't have to be head oil drainer down at the Jiffy Lube to figure out that a school isn't the best place for a kid to take their pellet gun or Roman candle. Those types of things are after school entertainment. I can fault schools for a lot of things...and I mean a lot of things...a lo-hoh-hoh-hoh-hot of things, but this isn't one of them.

This is almost common sense.

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