Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Let me get this straight...

We're not, nor have we ever been, a Christian nation, but we're "one of the largest Muslim countries in the world"?

I mean, it's not like any of this should surpise me in light of things like, "I don't want to run GM, but here's how we're going to operate..." and crap like that, but geez. This is getting out of hand.

What next, things like this?

"Oh, look there at the cat."

"That's actually not a cat, Mr. President, that's a fire truck."

"What are you talking about? Don't you see me petting this cat right here?"

"Can you turn the siren off, sir?"

"Come on, don't act like you don't enjoy hearing a kitty purr."

(See, that joke works on two levels. For one, it makes fun of the way he says one thing and the truth is actually something quite different. The other is that it's hard to tell whether or not he's smart enough to know the difference between a cat and a fire truck.

I mean, on the one hand, everything he does is on purpose and he's achieving his goals---if you're one of those people who thinks, "Well, he just doesn't know what's happening/How could he not know how bad this is", think again---and on the other hand, I don't think he could find his butt with both hands and a flashlight.)

(And yeah, I abuse the crap out of parentheses. Get used to that.)

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