Thursday, June 25, 2009

An Essay on Racist Jokes

There are eight billion ways to begin this post and even more examples I could cite on what I'm talking about, but people (read: liberals) will play the racist card at the drop of a hat. One thing that really throws them over the edge is anytime you mention a black person (or apparently anything even remotely connected with them) and a monkey, gorilla, or related primate.

Anybody with a functioning brain can see the potential danger in associating these things, but sometimes, they're just associations without any deeper meaning. Let's look at this example from a few months ago.

The cartoon is a combination of this story and the out of control stimulus spending. Not hard to figure out. Unless you're Al Sharpton.

So the other day, Drudge ran a story with a picture of Obama, and his pose in the picture brought to mind another famous picture. Enough that I Googled for said famous picture so I could do a blog post about it. I didn't run with it. Apparently great minds think alike because Monty saw the same thing, had the same thought, and did a post on it. If a more well-known person ran with it, I can't imagine the flack they'd get.

And the joke is all about the pose. That's it. But it's so uncanny that it makes the whole thing hilarious.

There are a lot of jokes that can be made about Obama, and most of them are going to be called racist. Few, if any, will really deserve it. But it's all made me think of one thing:

Obama's background is ethnically diverse. His mother is white. So any time you libs see an Obama joke or cartoon you don't like and think they're talking about blacks it's because you're racist. Maybe you ought to look at yourself before you cast stones.

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