Sunday, May 17, 2009

Salute to Real Men

Let's face it, men are a dying breed. Oh, sure, as long as humans are around there will be people who meet the genital requirements that allow them to pee in the men's room. But there's more to being a man than having the right plumbing.

In an era where women fantasize about metros and dudes wear mascara, it's important for us to recognize real men where/when we find them. We need to give them their due and remind people of their awesomeness. Maybe then more of our urinal using imposters will see the error of their ways and join us. And maybe chicks will get a clue and hold out for men who can love them and defend them rather than hog their mirrors.

Of course, there are obvious examples of masculinity. The Duke is the most obvious. Therefore, he won't be a part of this tribute, for two reasons. 1) That's a standard the rest of us could only dream of living up to. 2) I don't have the talent to begin to give the Duke a proper tribute. He holds a hallowed place in manhood.

Eastwood would be right there behind him except for that whole Madison County thing.

Anyway, let us begin to take masculinity back by pausing to admire one of the truly great men of the past twenty years. I present to you, Al Bundy.

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