Friday, May 22, 2009

How the blog got its name

If you needed an example of bat sh** crazy, here you go:

I took a look at a video that was highlighted on a site I frequent. The video is here

The comments, of course, were full of rage. One person said, and I quote, "And, using innocent kids to promote that kind of small-minded bigotry, you pathetic, stupid, ridiculous idiots. You should be ashamed of yourself."

Note that it's idiots, plural, but yourself, singular. But I digress.

So I responded with, and I quote: "Typical. Anyone with a different opinion than yours is a bigoted, pathetic, stupid, ridiculous idiot. Thanks for reminding us about tolerance."

Pointed, yes. Rude? Not particularly.

I got the following response: "You're a bigoted, pathetic, stupid, ridiculous idiot ______. Kill yourself."

While I'll give them credit for brevity, I think they proved my point.

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