Friday, January 22, 2010

A Thought

The Massachusetts (or Massachusettes, for the Coakley folk) outcome has been a lot of fun:

A. I'm glad to see the liberals get another huge Hershiser on Health Care (alliteration much?).

2. It's been fun watching liberals' heads explode. I mean, I almost flipped over to PMSNBC to see Olberdouche and Madcow blow their gaskets. But then I figured, hell, it's PMSNBC, why ruin my good mood? I've heard it lived up to my expectations, though.

D. I guess Obama's trying to circle the wagons, but the result is more like watching him chase his own tail. Man, that guy's so smart!

(That's a Hot Shots! and Home Alone reference in one opening. Don't say I'm not charitable on a Friday.)

But even though I posted Twitter statuses this week saying things like, "Thank God for @ScottBrownMA," and, "Forget 'the message being sent to Democrats,' I hope this gets the GOP to finally pull their heads out. I doubt it, but I can hope," I'm a little concerned.

First of all, there was (what I hope was) his odd, poorly done joke about his daughters' availability in his victory speech. And then there's the fact that most of us know next to nothing about this guy policy and core belief-wise.

I guess what I'm trying to say is I hope my words on Tuesday night won't be thrown back at me down the road if it turns out this guy sucks.

Even if he does, I doubt he'll be as bad as the healthcare bill he's stalling on the tracks.

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