Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Catching Up

I haven't posted in awhile, so let me get straight to some things that deserve commentary:

We had tornadoes in Oklahoma yesterday. One tornado in southern Oklahoma left casualties. The governor's declared a state of emergency (legitimately this time, as opposed to when he declared an emergency following Katrina, since evacuees were coming into Oklahoma). Of course, there's been extensive property damage. I've yet to hear of the President declaring an emergency or planning a visit to the state. As far as I know, FEMA's not here. We can only assume the President hates white people.

By the way, I thought the news story earlier in the week about Obama having no plans to visit to Kentucky was telling. Again, multiple casualties by that storm. Some of those people still may not have electricity for all I know. I'm sure they'll have to pay for their own home repairs or let their own insurance take care of it. So where's the government?! Is the President too busy keeping his office "warm enough to grow flowers," and telling D.C. residents to quit whining about the snow because he's from Chicago and has seen real snow?

See, I told you he hated white people.

Hope! As in, "You better HOPE no one in your family gets sick!"


The Messiah looks for a doorknob on a White House window in the first few days of his presidency.

The One forgets to duck as he enters into a helicopter.

Somebody please remind me how brilliant this guy is again.

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