Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Recent events

While I'm on my lunch break at work, I'm flipping through channels and run across HNN. I didn't even know they still had HNN, but there it was. I paused because I saw a picture of a kid hunting. Unbeknownst to me, I had stopped in the middle of an op ed from a crazy liberal who was in such a crappy mood something had to have happened to her. With liberals, it's hard to tell. Maybe she got a ticket for double parking her broom at work. Maybe, like most liberals, just waking up was enough to make her pissy. But her topic was kids who had been charged with murder in recent shooting deaths, and the common connection was that their dads had taught them to hunt at young ages.

So guess who the bad guys were? No, no, it wasn't the kids who actually killed people, it was the dads who taught them to use guns by taking them hunting. Guess who the victims were? No, no, it wasn't the deceased or their families. She actually said, directly, that the kids were the victims in the whole scenario.

It's not very Christian-like to wish bad things for people, but I earnestly hope that her broom gives her splinters the next time she hops on. Hopefully it will be after a long day of burning bras and panties like the good feminazi liberal she is. Then, while the skin's still broken, I hope she accidentally fills her bath tub with iodine. And I mean all that in a good, Christian way.


So a friend recently recommended a movie to me that I was skeptical to watch: Zack and Miri Make a Porno. I've been hesistant to watch all those movies: Z&M, Superbad, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, etc. Gross and raunchy humor doesn't usually bother me and I don't get offended all that easily, but I've just thought these movies might be a little much. Anyway, my last conversation with her was immediately after the Oscars, and she commented on how great Slumdog was.

I was surprised she watched it, because I didn't know her to be the type to take in films that aren't mainstream. Then she also said she'd seen the Wrestler, and it was great. So I asked her if she'd seen the most recent Sean Penn pile o' crap, just as kind of a joke. And this is where the conversation turned sour, as she replied that she had and it was a great movie. She then went on to inform me that I may not agree with him, but Harvey Milk was courageous and is in the Civil Rights Hall of Fame, and it was a great movie because it's about standing up for what you believe in.

So okay, here's my questions, most of which were touched on in a heated response---I'm good with disagreements and I can agree to disagree, but I get a little cranky when people patronize me---1) There's a Civil Rights Hall of Fame? 1B) Am I the only one who's a little tired and still disgusted that sexual preferences are now equated to things COMPLETELY out of your control, like skin color? and 2)Doesn't Hollywood churn out a "stand up for what you believe in" movie like every five seconds?

Right off the top of my head, without imdb, google, or anything else, here are some stand up for what you believe in movies: Coach Carter, Glory, Teachers, Remember the Titans, Walking Tall, and Ernest Goes to Camp. I've never seen Stand and Deliver, but based on the title alone I'd add it to the list. It's not like this is a novel idea, and I don't need to be indoctrinated with garbage to get a moral that I need to stand for what I believe in.

You want a recent stand for what you believe in movie that has redeeming qualities other than standing for what you believe in? Gran Torino. There's concepts of family, working hard, letting go of prejudices, faith, forgiveness, helping people in need, and, yes, standing up for what you believe in.

Plus, it had guns and cool cars. That's better than liberal baloney any day.


I see on Facebook some of my liberal friends are ripping Gov. Jindal after his speech. Should I let them know they're racists?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Letters from Commies

I never got to meet my granddad on my dad's side of the family. Awhile back I asked my dad how he got so involved in politics---and when I say involved, I mean he keeps up more than the average person. He doesn't get involved in a campaigns or anything like that beyond voting, except for that he gets Christmas cards from a congressman and a senator---and he said his dad was the same way. Apparently, my granddad liked to rail on FDR. Three of my dad's biggest pet peeves are LBJ, Carter, and Clinton. I was 12 when Clinton got elected, so thus far it's him and The Messiah for me, along with a host of liberal senators and congressmen.

But as much as I've been disappointed that I didn't get to meet my granddad, I'm glad he didn't live to see both Russia and China warning us against becoming socialists.

Doesn't that beat all? Our cold war enemy and the one country that most pisses off the human rights crowds are warning US about socialism.

What bugs me is that anybody could still think this is a good idea. Take Floridians for example. Florida's full of liberals, yet all they have to do is go to the beach and see Cubans riding in on old doors and inner tubes to get away from that crap, and they still want it here. Unbelievable.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Catching Up

I haven't posted in awhile, so let me get straight to some things that deserve commentary:

We had tornadoes in Oklahoma yesterday. One tornado in southern Oklahoma left casualties. The governor's declared a state of emergency (legitimately this time, as opposed to when he declared an emergency following Katrina, since evacuees were coming into Oklahoma). Of course, there's been extensive property damage. I've yet to hear of the President declaring an emergency or planning a visit to the state. As far as I know, FEMA's not here. We can only assume the President hates white people.

By the way, I thought the news story earlier in the week about Obama having no plans to visit to Kentucky was telling. Again, multiple casualties by that storm. Some of those people still may not have electricity for all I know. I'm sure they'll have to pay for their own home repairs or let their own insurance take care of it. So where's the government?! Is the President too busy keeping his office "warm enough to grow flowers," and telling D.C. residents to quit whining about the snow because he's from Chicago and has seen real snow?

See, I told you he hated white people.

Hope! As in, "You better HOPE no one in your family gets sick!"


The Messiah looks for a doorknob on a White House window in the first few days of his presidency.

The One forgets to duck as he enters into a helicopter.

Somebody please remind me how brilliant this guy is again.